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Unmet needs

Unmet needs in the treatment of anaplastic lymphoma kinase positive (ALK+) advanced non-small cell lung cancer (aNSCLC) post crizotinib


ALK+ patients typically progress on 1st-line therapy

  • Despite improvements in 1st-line ALK-targeted therapy, treatment is not curative and all patients eventually progress as a result of treatment resistance1,2
  • Post crizotinib, patients on 2nd-line ALK inhibitors typically acquire resistance and progress within 8–10 months3-5
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Central nervous system (CNS) active agents are needed

  • Up to 60% of patients develop CNS metastases during treatment with crizotinib6,7
  • Complications of CNS metastases can include: neurocognitive dysfunction, decreased life expectancy, psychological abnormalities, physical impairment, and/or severe comorbidities6